Brussels – Beer, Chocolate and Chips


Everything you need to know for short Brussels visit

If somebody told me I will visit Brussels just a few months ago, I wouldn’t believe him. I never thought of Brussels as a tourist Destination, just transition City (airport) to other far Destinations. It seems to me that a lot of People think the same. Unfortunately, People are avoiding this “center of Europe” because of stuff about terrorism, but this “shit” could happen everywhere, even in your own city. So, with this post I’m hoping to change your mind, and give you courage to visit this beautiful City, believe me it’s worth it!

As a food blogger, I got this Opportunity in cooperation with Brussels Airlines, within “Discover Belgium” project, I made two traditional Belgium Dishes, and as a reward they offer me to fly to Brussels! 🙂 I was super excited!

It was more exciting because I went on this journey with my friend Barbara, from blog Foodiona. 😉
Brussels Airlines offer us first class tickets, and we find out this just as we enter the Plane, so you can imagine how happy we were. 🙂 This is the first time I’m flying with this Company, and I have to say, can’t wait to fly with them again! They are very professional and kind, from ground to air stewards and stewardesses, and top service!



This is what you get when you’re flying with Brussels Airlines!! 🙂 Delicious! or you can choose whatever you like from inflight menu. It offers various delicious Food and Drink. Also, after all this, you get a big cup of hot dark coffee and of course, Belgian chocolate!



Transportation and Accomodation

If your Hotel is in central of Brussels, like ours was, my advice is, don’t take taxi from Airport to Hotel, because it’s very expensive. Take a TRAIN! The Central Train Station is right till the airport, you don’t need to go out at all, just follow the corridor. And the Ticket from Aeroport to Centrum is 8.

We were situated in Thon Hotel, modern hotel in central of Brussels. It’s not small hotel, but very comfortable with very kind staff. The room was more than nice, in modern style. And I have to say, it’s very good Price for that kind of Hotel and it’s just 8 min walk from Grand Plaza. As we were there in August, that’s out of Season for them, so the prices are lower. The Price was 50 for two Persons, two nights, but without Breakfast. If you take Breakfast, Price is around 25 higher.



My advice, you don’t have to take Breakfast, because you’re only minutes apart from town centar, where you can find Bakeries, most common Bakery in Brussels is Paul, with delicious Bagels, and very good Coffee. But there are famous Belgian waffles in every corner, so you will not be hungry. 🙂






OMG!!! They are so njammiiii!!! If you take just waffle without anything, just confectioners sugar, you will pay 1, if you take with chocolate, it’s 3.50 , and with fruit is  5.



Or if you’re watching on your Health, there are plenty of Health Food Restaurants, like Ekki. We had a delicious eggplant Tart with Mushrooms.




Because of our short staying here, we have been here just for two days, we got ourselves Brussels Card+sightseeing (Hop on Hop off bus) 48 hour, and with this we had free access to 30 museums, free use of Hop on Hop off buses (2 lines, Blue – Atomium Line and Red – Europe Line), discounts for attractions and tours, and in shops, restaurants and bars. This kind of Card costs 46, but there are different options on how many days do you want, do you want option card+bus, or just card without bus… This various options and prices you can find here: .



You can hop in and hop out in every Station that is marked on the Hop on Hop off Card, so this is perfect for short stays, because you can see if not everything, but most of importantly Attractions! And when you hop in you get your headphones so you can listen information about Attractions during your Ride, like:


This metal giant was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. It represents an iron crystal magnified 165 bilion times. Six of it’s spheres can be visited and get from one to other there giant escalators, one of them 35 m long. A high speed lift takes you to the top for a meal with an unobstructed view.


Manneken Pis

This cheeky little fellow who stands stark naked on the corner of a street is Brussels most famous inhabitant. According to legend, this diminutive hero put out a bomb by peeing on it, which earned him the honour of having a fountain dedicated to him. Manneken Pis is usually naked, does however have a wardrobe fit for a star with over 900 different costumes that he wears for festivales and official visits.



Basilica of the Sacred Heart


Grand Place

Built in 15th Century, destroyed in the 17th, and renovated in the 19th and 20th, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. It’s rectangular shape is formed by the guild halls that flank the City Hall. With a 96 m arrow, almost 300 statues and one wing longer than other, this marvel of cut stone contains more than one secret and several works of art.




European Parliament






Parc de Bruxelles

The nobles of Charles V’s court used ti hunt deer and pheasant here and in 1830 this green area was the scene of violentevents when Belgium won its independence. Today is one of the locals favourite places to relax and is very popular for jogging.


Belgian Chocolate Village

A gigantic 900 m2 museum entirely devoted to His Majesty King Chocolate features organised activities, culture and history for both adults and children. Yhis village, housed in a former biscuit factory, offers modern scenography, a workshop where you can make your own pralines, atropical hothouse with cacao trees, and even a tasting room.





City of Comics

Brussels is the home of legendary heroes of the likes of Tintin, Spirou, Marsupilami and Lucky Luke. Because of their success, they have stepped out of their paper panels to appear on wall frescoes. In Brussels, cartoon stripes are everywhere; metro stations, festivals, galleries, bookshops.. You’re surrounded with them! 🙂




Unforgetable Dinner at Restaurant Chez Leon

I will just say: OMG!!!! I’m still under impression of that Dinner! Mixing tradition with modernity, for five generations. I’m not saying anything, just look what we ate, pictures say a thousand words. For a long time I didn’t have that top level service! Hat down to everyone there, from waiters, to chefs! 🙂 I know where I’m eating next time in Brussels! 🙂






It’s all about Beer, Chocolate and Chips

Beers, natural or fruit-flavoured, plain or sophisticated. They are the legacy of our brewing ancestors and should be tasted judiciously.





Chocolate, especially the pralines, real little gems to pop in your mouth, savour, carry off and give as gifts, and not in moderation.







Chips, available all over Brussels from the famous kiosks, like Fritland, to be eaten with the fingers.



To be able to say that you’ve “done Brussels”, you must have visited most of its 100 museums, from the most majestic to the most incongruous, have wandered into typical if not exotic neighbourhood, lounged on a terrace with a good beer, savoured the culinary specialities of friendly cafe bars and warm brasseries or dined at great chefs restaurants.

And my final Advice if you are going during Summer, not matter if there where you are it’s hot and sunny, take also something warm, because Brussels is windy city, and don’t forget UMBRELLA! In one day, five times sun and rain will change. 🙂 But that’s Brussels Glamor. 😉

Oh, I almost forgot, important Thing! 🙂 Don’t make my mistake, and travel with a small bag, no matter if you’re only staying two days like me. Because, you will go home with one more bag, full of Beer Bottles and Chocolate Boxes! 🙂

I hope with this post, I change your mind about this City, and Brussels will be your next Travel Destination! :*

And remember: To travel is to live!

Videos about this Trip you can find on my Youtube channel! 🙂

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