Linzer cookies


Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming, and Linzer cookies are a must on our Christmas table.

They are so simple and easy to prepare, and sooo delicious!

I always use this grandmas recipe, that she took from her century old cook book. 😉 And it’s perfect!

This is a basic recipe, but you can modify dough to your own taste, like adding some nuts to dough, or use your favourite jam.



12 dag butter

12 dag granulated sugar

1 egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

30 dag plain flour

pinch of salt

apricot jam

powdered sugar (for sprinkling)



Beat egg

Stir well softened butter with sugar, until you get creamy mixture

Gradually add the egg and vanilla extract, sifted flour and salt, and stir well all together

Wrap the dough with foil and put in the fridge to rest a couple of hours

Cut the dough in half, and each half knead well

Now you can cut various shapes

Bake at 170 C about 13 min

Leave to cool a little

Lower part fill with jam, and paste them on the upper part, which we have previously sprinkled with powdered sugar