Tiramisu (without eggs)

I love my cakes strong as my coffee!

Tiramisu is the best solution for my high expectations. 😉

Usually I’m not so into creams and cakes, but tiramisu it’s always a good idea.

This time I tried recipe without eggs, and I can say, even better and lighter.

It’s so easy and fast, you need only 15 min to do it all. 😉



3 cups dark warm brewed coffee

5 tbsp rum

250 ml whipping cream

500 g mascarpone

100 g powdered sugar

2 teaspoon lemon juice

500 g ladyfinger cookies

unsweetened cocoa powder, for sifting



Brew the coffee (live it to cool a little, than add rum)

In a medium bowl, beat cream and sugar with an electric mixer until soft peaks form

Add the Mascarpone Cheese and lemon juice into the sugar and cream and mix carefully

In another bowl pour the warm coffee and dip cookies

Arange them side by side over the bottom and on the sides of a pan

Layer cookies with the sweet cream and continue layering with another set of cookies

Finish with layer of cream and sift cocoa powder

Refrigerate and allow at least two hours for it to set


148 thoughts on “Tiramisu (without eggs)

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