Biking and hiking Slovenia, food and wine tasting – Bela Krajina, Vipava, Kamnik

Beautiful nature, greenery, adrenaline, good food, wine and beer

If you like an active vacation, sport, beautiful nature, greenery, adrenaline, good food, wine and beer, Slovenia must be on your bucket list. Such a small territory offers everything listed.

As we love challenges, of course we went, and enjoy every second of our journey.

Places to visit on biking and hiking tour

Camp Podzemelj, Bela Krajina

Our first station was Camp Podzemelj, located in the most southern and the smallest region, Bela Krajina, on the river Kupa, one of the cleanest and hottest rivers in Slovenia.

The camp offers numerous activities for active holiday, adrenaline park, hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, SUP, animation program, and various excursions.

The latest camp project are glamping celtic houses, ideal for couples who want an active, yet romantic vacation. All houses are made of natural materials, untreated wood and traditionally covered with straw. They are located on an ideal location on the grassy bay in the center of the camp, so everyone can enjoy in the beautiful view of the river directly from the bed.

For those who want to pamper themselves, there is also a cottage with Finnish sauna and private wellness.

Not to get ourselves too homey, we started very active. We took the bikes and set off for an adventure of our life, 30 km long bike tour, through Ribnik, Cerkovišće and Griblje.



Holiday Lodge “Kovacnica srece”, Griblje

In Griblje we were welcomed by the owner of holiday lodge “Kovacnica srece” with a delicious homemade lunch. This over 100 year old, restored forge offers comfortable accommodation for 6 people, so it is ideal for family vacations or private parties.


Village Žunič

After lunch and shorter rest we continued with bicycles to the village of Žunič, where we visited the Šokč old house, the old autenthic cottage of this area, where we had the opportunity to see the steps of making linen in the old way, from the raw material to the finished product.


Village Adlešiči

From the Village of Žunič to Village of Stari Pod with bikes, along the river Kupa, we came to our next destination, Village Adlešiči, where we sat in the boat and started rafting through the waterfalls of the beautifully pure emerald green river Kupa.

This is something you have to do, when you are in this area!


Metlika – Hotel “Bela Krajina”

After a day filled with various activities, it was time for a deserved vacation in a pleasant hotel “Bela Krajina” in Metlika, located in the old town, near the river Kupa. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, an a la carte restaurant, free wi-fi and free bicycle use.


Rock of Sodev

The following morning, we went on a beautiful walk through the woods, up to Rock of Sodev, where we were amazed by the most beautiful view of the “Kupa smile” (because of the river flow in the form of a smile).

Also, we had the most delicious lunch in nature, packed in a way we have never seen before. 🙂


Vipava Winery

After lunch, we headed to Vipava valley, where we had a wine tasting at Vipava Winery, where visitors can choose between 170 different wines of recognized winemakers of Vipava region.



We headed further to Ajdovščina, where a pleasant surprise was waiting for us. Unforgettable panoramic ride with 6 different old timers on the slopes of Vipava.

Car owners are so in love with their “babies”, it’s flippin’ cute! 🙂 They will tell every detail of this region from history till nowadays. This gentelmen are so kind, you want to be with them all the time. 🙂


Otliš stone window

At the top we left the “gentleman” to cool down, and we walked to the stony Otliš window, where we experienced feeling “walk on the edge”. 🙂 It’s so frightening and cool at the same time, you get goosebumps. 😉 But it’s worthed to go down and look through this hole.

Mountaineering, paragliding and cycling are the three main activities why to visit the Valley of Vipava.


Restaurant Pri Lojzetu, Zemono Castle

In the evening we surrendered ourselves into the hands of Chef Tomaz Kavcic in the Restaurant Pri Lojzetu in the Zemono castle. Beautiful ambience, beautiful surroundings, and food and wine will just blow your mind. 🙂

Goose pate

Tuna in an orange sauce with marinated sardines

Asparagus soup with donut filled with softly boiled egg

Beef soup with sauces and tartare beef

Bear steak with corn, bacon and beetroot sprouts

Gin tonic ice cream


Ride-around bike

Next morning, despite the cloudy weather, we went on a new bike tour, this time fully equipped, with Ride-around bike team, who offers various adventure tours, one day bike tours and rides, or several day bike tours, including gastronomy, wine tastings and history.


Vipavian Tuscany


Vipavski Križ (Cross of Vipava)

Just 30 minutes bike drive through beautiful landscapes, poppy fields and Vipavian Tuscany vineyards, we arrived at the Medieval Pearl, Vipavski Križ, where our local guide walked us through the town, presented the history of the place and opened the wine cellar and delighted us once in a row, with wine tasting. 🙂


Village Brje – B’tega Wine Bar

We continued to the B’tega Wine Bar in the village of Brje, where the hosts welcomed us with homemade sausage, homemade bread and traditional meal of this area, jota.

The village of Brje is known for the mountain bike downhill, which was helped build by the Slovenian president Borut Pahor himself.

We have defied the myth that downhill is only for professional bikers, because we “amateurs” managed to get down on this steep path full of natural obstacles as well. 🙂

A downhill can do anyone, just have to follow how to ride instructions on this tracks, and if you get stuck, you are always in the hands of great guys from the Ride-around team.


Vrhpolje camp

We ended our Vipava Valley tour in the Vrhpolje camp, where the friendly owner welcomed us with homemade prosciutto, cheese and wine tasting in their wine cellar.


Terme Snovik

The last stage of this journey was Terme Snovik, the highest lying spa in Slovenia, surrounded by the Kamnik Savinj Alps on one side and the wonderful green forests of the Tuhinj valley on the other.

The Terme have over 1000 m2 of water in indoor and outdoor pools, with high quality thermal water, which can be consumed also for drinking.

The apartments in the apartment complex are sustainable, and offer a wonderful view of the green valley and the surrounding mountains.


Mountain of St Miklavz

In the surroundings of the term we visited the source of Kamniška Bistrica, a source of Vaseno, climb on the mountain of Sv.Miklavza and, of course, at the end we tried homemade sausages, fruitful wines and homemade fruit juices in wine cellar «Matevžuc».

If you really want to experience Slovenia to the fullest, make sure you visit at least part of this beautiful tour!

And remember: To travel is to live! 🙂

Video about this Trip you can find on my Youtube channel! 🙂


Enjoy in rest of Gallery