I am Tihana.

Live in Zagreb, Croatia. As we call it here, I’m pure “purgerica”. 🙂

I’m a food, travel and lifestyle blogger.

I love to cook, but loooove to eat. So my passion for cooking I combine with food styling and foodshow for national television.

Also, I’m a columnist for Croatian Magazines, Budi.in, 24sata, Slatko&Slano, and portals Gastro.hr and 24Kitchen/BestFoodMagazin.
When I’m not in the Kitchen and cooking, I travel. Traveling is my passion since I was a little kid. I love to explore other Countries, their Cultures and People.

Through all that I discover my other Passion, Photography.

I’m also a vlogger, so you can cook with me, or explore my journeys through my vlogs! :*

Hope you will enjoy it, as much as I do!

And don’t remember, “People who love to eat, are the best people…” and “To travel is to live…”.