Vicenza – City of gold


Must visit Vicenza!

Oh, Bella Italia!
This time we decided to do some road tripping. We didn’t do that for so long, so we were very excited about it! 🙂 We didn’t have exact plan what we’ll visit on this trip, we just know that we don’t want to go to this big touristy places, but we wanted to explore that not so known little towns. Our main goal was Garda Lake, where we booked our staying, so everything around that area, Veneto region, was interesting for us.

Road tripping is great when you don’t have a plan, just have your ultimate accomodation where you are staying/sleeping, you can just go with the flow. Just driving, and if you see some place that could be interesting for you, go there, be for like an hour or two, or maybe longer :), and go to next beautiful town. Or if you really like this Place, you can book your stay there on that same spot.

Italy is a perfect road tripping destination, because it’s full of cute, old, beautiful little places, and they are all very close, so you don’t have to drive like for hours and hours. It’s all on town to town hour drive, or maybe even less. So in one day you can easily visit two or three places.

After a four hour drive, we stopped to this beautiful medium size town Vicenza. It’s like a half hour to an hour drive from Venice, Verona, Padua, Treviso, and hour and half drive from Milan so if you’re heading to some of this Places, my recommendation for you, you MUST VISIT VICENZA! 🙂 It’s worth to see it.






What to see in Vicenza


Vicenza was a prosperous town under Venetian rule, and its pride was demonstrated in fine architecture, much of which still survives. When you enter through Gate to old town, you’ll see its ‘unique appearance,’ largely owing to the work of influential sixteenth-century architect Andrea Palladio, has led to the town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto.




City of Gold

After Palladio, Vicenza is most famous for its trade in precious metals, and it’s also known as the ‘City of gold’.





Palazzo del Capitaniato

The Palazzo del Capitaniato, also known as loggia del Capitanio is a palace designed by Andrea Palladio, in 1565., and since 1994. the palace has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is currently used by the town council.




Vicenza Cathedral / Duomo

It’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, dedicated to Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. It’s the seat of Bishop of Vicenza.





Little cute Cafe’s, Bar’s, Market’s

Vicenza is full of little cute Cafe’s and Bar’s, so on every corner you can rest from sightseeing, and have a really good Italian coffee, or some kind of snack, or maybe a glass of gooood wine. 😉


Also, what I really like in Vicenza is Markets, which you can find on every Square of old town, full of Stand’s with all sort of food, from Fruits and Vegetables, to Cheese, Meat, Sausages, to all kinds of Fish. I looooove it!!!!



We stayed here for one Afternoon, but I would recommend that you stay at least for two Days, so you can calmly soak up this beautiful, peaceful little Town. It really has a Soul. 🙂

The only thing that I have to complain, is that there is no wifi!! 🙁 Not it Cafe’s, Restaurant’s, or nowhere in the Center. There is City wifi, but you have to pay for it. But wifi Problem wasn’t only in Vicenza, I also had this Problem in other Italian Towns that I visit. Or maybe I just didn’t find right wifi Places. 🙂

I will also recommend Vicenza Walking tours, it’s much more fun when you have experts who can explain things you want to know about this little old Town. And it only costs € 3.50 per person. 🙂

Here is a link with important Information about Vicenza, tours, where to eat, where to stay, I hope it will be helpful for you. 😉

I will certainly come back and stay a little longer!

And remember: To travel is to live!








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