Osijek – City on the River Drava


City on the River Drava

Because of that unforgetable Dinner in Osijek, about which you can read in my previous post Secret Dinner Party by Filipa Sorko, I had the opportunity to visit the heart of Slavonia! :* I couldn’t be happier about it, ’cause I’ve never been in this City before, and I was always talking about how I really want to go there. And I’m in Osijek, finally!!! :*

I was so lucky, ’cause on this Secret Dinner I met a lot of great Slavonian People, among others, the nicest Girl, Victorija, lifestyle blogger, from the Blue turpentine blog, who is originally from Osijek, and she offer’s me Osijek Tour with her friends. Of course I took this great Opportunity, and I had the best private Tour ever! :*


Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of Time to see everything in Osijek, ’cause my Bus for Zagreb was leaving in just few Hours, but they showed me main Things you have to see in Osijek.

Transportation and Accomodation

I was situated in the strict Center in Osijek, on the main Ante Stracevic Square, in Hotel Central. I have just good Words for this Hotel, from Room, Service, to People that are working there. It’s small, very intimate Hotel, and when I was checking out, nice Lady from Reception told me that this is the oldest Hotel in Osijek. 🙂

Perfect location, friendly staff, the charm and cosines of the hotel is just some of the things which this hotel can offer.

The Price is also one Thing that’s great about this Hotel. The Price for one night in single Room is 37,  included Breakfast.

And, the main Thing :), there is no WIFI in Rooms, but it’s access is available in public Hotel Areas.

If you’re coming by Bus or Train, TAKE TAXI

If you’re coming by Car, there is a private parking place, but you have to mention it in your Reservation.

If you’re coming by bus or train, I highly recommend that you take a Taxi from Station to Hotel, ’cause the Price is only a little less than € 3. And Taxi Drivers are the nicest I’ve met in Croatia! 🙂 Also, you can call them whenever you want, and they are taking you where ever you want. 😉


Everything you need to see for short Osijek visit

Osijek Co-Cathedral

The Church of St Peter and St Paul, the co-cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Djakovo-Osijek, is a neo-Gothic sacral structure. The multi-tiered 90-metre spire is one of the city’s landmarks. With its size of 1062m2 and 94m high, it’s a largest building outside of Zagreb, main City of Croatia.


Osijek’s Promenade

Beautiful City walk along the River Drava that connects the two Parts of the City.


Old Street’s of the City


St. Michael’s Church, in Osijek’s Baroque Tvrdja (Citadel)


Citadel (Tvrdja)

Tvrdja is the Old Town of the city of Osijek. It is the best-preserved and largest ensemble of Baroque buildings in Croatia and consists of a Habsburg star fort built on the right bank of the River Drava. Tvrdja has been described by the World Monuments Fund as “a unique example of an eighteenth-century baroque military, administrative, and commercial urban center”.


Copacabana – “Copica”

On the left Bank of River Drava is famous Osijek’s Copacabana, “Copica”, River Beach, so you can swim in this River! 😉 And also there is an entire sport center with Pools and Water Slides. 15-min

Pablo Picasso statue

Only Picasso statue outside Spain. 🙂


The Bridge of Youth

This pedestrian hanging bridge over the Drava river was built in 1979. Well designed and modern in stature, it has become one of the symbols of Osijek. You’ll find it in most postcards and photos that reflect this lovely town. It’s worth the look.


 Where to eat and drink

Caffe bar “Trica”

Also for Smokers! 🙂7-min 5-min 6-min

Jozo “Trovač” / Jozo “The Poisoner”

If you want to eat the best Burgers in your life, this is the Place! 🙂


At the end of this post, I have to tell you that I fell in Love in this beautiful City, and I’ll come back certainly!

Thank you Victorija, Victorija’s boyfriend and Andrej for such a great private Osijek Tour! :*

And remember: “To travel is to live!” :*

Videos about this Trip you can find on my Youtube channel. 🙂

                 Enjoy in rest of Gallery

21-min 23-min25-min9-min22-min20-min24-min

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