Slovenia – Paths of Roman Empire – Ptuj, Celje, Žalec

Paths of Roman Empire

This time I wanted to experience an active, yet relaxing weekend. I’ve heard rumors that our neighbour Slovenia is offering both experiences, so I had to convince myself in that. And the best thing is that is so close, like, an hour drive from my town, Zagreb.

Places to visit on Roman Empire Paths

Town Žalec – for Beer lovers

A town in central Slovenia, lies in the valley of the lower course of the Savinja River west of Celje, halfway between Ljubljana and Maribor, known for its “green gold”, endless fields of hop.

Hop Ecomusem

My recommendation is to visit the Hop Ecomuseum, arranged in the former four-floor dryer, which represents the link between the past, the present and the future of the brewing in the Lower Savinj valley. There continues the story of a brewer, owner of Žalec Brewery, Simon Kukac, which is also the name of the local craft beer, Beer of Savinj.

Beer Fountain

In the center of Žalec is the first Beer Fountain in Europe, where you can enjoy in 5 types of Beer.

One of them is Green Beer, whose greenish color is from pure chlorophyll. Try it! 😉

Town Ptuj

Just an hour drive from Zagreb, there is the town of Ptuj with a great history. It is the oldest Slovenian town, a town of prestigious beauties. And that is, above all, the place in which life is closely related to nature, and its magical power.

Wine Cellar Pullus – for wine lovers

For those who like wine, Wine Cellar Pullus is a must, where you can taste top quality Pullus wines. This “wine temple”, is slightly different from other wine cellars, ’cause it’s equipped with sound and light effects.  Here you can find the oldest slovenian wine from 1917.

Next to the wine cellar is the restaurant where you can enjoy in poultry based meals, from the internationally known “Perutnina Ptuj”. In its rich 110-year development, Perutnina Ptuj grew up in the Perutnina Ptuj Group of Agricultural and Food Processing Industry, which is the most significant and largest producer of poultry and poultry products in southeast Europe.

Accomodation in Ptuj

The Grand Hotel Primus in Terme Ptuj, relies on the rich Roman heritage of the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj, is a modern refuge that you can escape from the fast daily rhythm, rejuvenate, revitalize and replenish energy sources and build up or just rejuvenate your healthy lifestyle.

Numerous programs for rejuvenation and beauty, relaxation, active, sport and enological-gourmet programs offer the opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation.

In every bathroom is a pipe with both normal and THERMAL water, so if you want, you can relax in a thermal bath. But, be careful, it’s very hot, so let it cool a little before you enter. 😉

Heart of the Grand Hotel Primus is a medical-wellness center Valens Augusta, with beautiful, antique ambience. The range of wellness services is so rich, from facial care to top cosmetic lines, thermal baths, oriental, japanese or roman themed rooms, with dry and steam sauna.  For those who love quiet and intimate atmosphere there is a “smaller” remote pool Emperor Pool.

My recommendation, TRY EVERYTHING! 🙂

How to accumulate fresh energy if not with fresh, healthy food! You can have green smoothies, even in the hotel bar! 😉 The hotel chefs prepare tasty, healthy and calorie-limited meals that you can use to create your own morning or evening menu, “Be Fit”.

Grand Hotel Primus and Terme Ptuj offer a wide range of water and outdoor activities. With Nordic walking sticks or bicycles, you can visit interesting bike paths, themed hiking trails, and if you are maybe a golfer, you can enjoy a nearby 18-hole golf course or try a different kind of golf, Footgolf, with soccer balls.

We tried this unknown sport for us, initially we were a bit skeptical, but we were absolutely thrilled at the end. Highly recommend that you try this! At Ptuj Lake, where hotel guests can walk on foot or on bikes, recreational activities are available on both the water and the land: beach volleyball, diving, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, kayaks, pedal boats, wake park and many other activities. You can also experience the nature by riding along the river Drava. Bicycle lovers can take advantage of an attractive, 13 km long path around Lake Ptuj, and the track around the lake is a great hike for mountaineers.

Vurberk Adventure Park

If you are an adrenaline freak, just a few minutes drive from the Grand Hotel Primus, is the Vurberk Adventure Park, surrounded by a beautiful green forest where you can enjoy in unforgettable climbing on three levels with different degrees of difficulty.

I loooove it!!!! 🙂

After all this adrenaline craziness, you can enjoy in great beer or just coffee in a nearby coffee shop.

Where to eat in Ptuj

Ribič Restaurant

If you want great fish and seafood dishes in a pleasant setting on the riverbank, there is a Restaurant Ribič with a thirty-year-old tradition that brings a contemporary culinary experience in the heart of the ancient city of Ptuj.

Town Celje

Another recommendation on the Path of the Roman Empire is the beautiful city of Celje, with an incredible history of Celje counts and a unique castle. Here you can enjoy in a beautiful view of the whole city and mountains around.

Celje Provincional Musem

Do not miss the Celje Provincial Museum !!  It’s breathtaking!! One of the most beautiful museums in Europe. 🙂 You will need a few hours to walk through this magnificent history.

Where to eat in Celje

Restaurant and Pub Stari Pisker

 If you are a real meat lover, do not miss by any chance the best burgers in the area, the Restaurant and Pub Stari Pisker, with a wonderful story behind it, offering freshly prepared dishes and a la carte dishes, gourmet burgers, ribs, hot dogs, and delicious desserts. On the daily menu, the restaurant also offers vegetarian meals.

At the end, if you really want to enjoy, go and explore the Paths of Roman Empire, it’s worth it, and you will feel like an emperor! I know I did! 🙂

If you like good beer, wine, food, greenery, sport, activities, relaxation, Slovenia is your country! 🙂

And remember: To travel is to live! 🙂

Video about this Trip you can find on my Youtube channel! 🙂

Enjoy in rest of Gallery

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